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 CAN i join Kill Bill clan - F{_}z!()n

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PostSubject: CAN i join Kill Bill clan - F{_}z!()n   Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:34 pm

Contact Information

    Real name: K.Pradesh Nitin  Cool

    Age: 17

    Location: Chennai

    GameRanger #ID (Numbers): 5066986

    Xfire (Optional): nitin7910

    GameTracker Profile (Optional): -

    Mobile Number used for Whatsapp(optional): i dnt use watsapp i use hike !!

   Game Information

    In-Game Nickname: F{_}z!()n  Cool

    COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak,...):2 years  

    Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No)?: No

    Are you used to play clan wars?: Yes i play tourneys  Evil or Very Mad

    How many hours can you be online daily?: maybe 1- 1 1/2  hrs  Laughing

    Personal Information

    Why do you want to join |K*B|: The admins are tamil so its free for me to talk with them than other and i dont hav an online active clan Sad

    Previous clans and reason for leaving: tRe , SL!T it is inactive  Crying or Very sad
    i am a lan player so im in NO$ currently   Smile

    Do you have TeamSpeak3?: Yes
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CAN i join Kill Bill clan - F{_}z!()n
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